Green Acres Middle School

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Chargers have HEART

H onest             Do your work and be responsible for your actions

E ffective          Give maximum effort and be prepared

A mbitious        Strive for excellence in everything

R espectful       Be a great human

T houghtful      Consider the ideas and the world around you

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10  Charger HEART Wristband

25   Sour Candy

35   Writing Set (Pencil, Pen, Highlighter, Whiteboard Marker) 

40 One Slice Pizza

40   Hot Cheetos

40   One-Time Use Front of the Line Pass

45   Arizona Tea

60   Gatorade

70   Candy Bar

75   HEART T-Shirt

100 Adventure Park Free Golf/Go-Karts/Batting Cage/Laser Tag (Choose one) 

500 Free Yearbook (First 5 students)



More coming soon!  Talk to a HEART Club member to give your suggestions!


Name Points
group image Thoughtful House 950
group image Ambitious House 885
group image Effective House 810
group image Honest House 740
group image Respect House 720
Avg Points Per Member
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