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Hawk Points

What are Hawk points?

Hawk points can be collected throughout the school year and can be redeemed for prizes! Points, activities, and more can be tracked through a 5-Star Student app, it is available for download through iOS and Android. Download the app now!

How do I earn Hawk points?

Different ways to earn points: 1) Monthly Perfect Attendance 2) Positive behavior awarded by the teacher 3) G.P.A. 4) Join a club 5) Attending school events 6) Surveys and Voting *Not all events will be given points

Monthly Perfect Attendance

  • Earn 30 points per month for perfect attendance.
  • Points will be given at the end of the month.
  • 0 Absences, 0 Tardies

Positive Behavior

  • Teachers will award points to students monthly for positive work/attitude during distance learning
  • Security Officers are able to reward points for positive behavior


  • Points will be awarded at the end of 1st quarter, 2nd semester, and 3rd quarter.
 G.P.A Hawk Points Awarded
 2.0-2.49          30 points
 2.5-2.99          35 points
 3.0-3.49          40 points
 3.5-3.99          45 points
 4.0 and Above          50 points

Join a Club

  • For every club joined, students will earn 40 points per club
  • Check your student app for a list of clubs to join
  • Make sure your club advisors submits club roster

Attending School Events

  • Hawk points can be earned by attending school events (Points vary)
  • Sports events, performances, etc.
  • Events for Hawk points will be posted in the calendar section 

Surveys and Voting

  • 10 points can be earned per survey/voting 

    Tutoring (Academy, YAPS/CAPS)

    • Earn 2 points per day for attending tutoring.
    • Scan the QR code when you enter tutoring

    Disclaimer: At administration's discretion, points a

    Disclaimer: At administration's discretion, points and activities can be modified, amended, deleted or changed at any point in time. 




    You can use your points to redeem a prize, it will not affect your overall points. You will now have available points that you can use to redeem points (Check below to view rewards). Check the ASB instagram @AVHSASB page for when rewards can be redeemed.

    You are able to view the rewards that you qualify for through your student app by clicking "Rewards" then "Rewards Eligibility." 

    Rewards are first come first serve basis, are subject to availability and can be changed/modified/cancelled/added at any time.

    RewardsPoint Value
    AVHS T-Shirts/Frisbee/Megaphone50
    AVHS Fannypack100
    AVHS Mini Basketball/Football200
    AV Towel300
    $5 Gift Card400
    AV Sling/Totebag500
    AV Waterbottle700
    AV Mug800
    AV Socks900
    AV Beanie1,000
    AV Scarf1,100


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