Proximity Beacons

Beacons allow students to self check-in to events!

When used with our mobile Student App, individuals can check into 5-Star Students events based on their proximity to a beacon. Imagine students being able to check in themselves to events with no barcode scanning necessary!


How Does It Work?

Gimbal Beacons are tiny computers. They have a processor, memory, Bluetooth Smart module, and other sensors. Powered by alkaline batteries, they broadcast short-range radio signals through built-in antennas.

Smart devices in range receive those signals and compatible installed apps, like our Student App, can then respond via a notification or other actions

More Information

Inside each Beacon are four AA alkaline batteries. At default factory settings, battery life is about 18 months.

Each beacon contains an omnidirectional antenna that can transmit signals typically up to 50m (~160 ft). The actual range can be longer and depends on location and clear line-of-sight, because signals can be absorbed or diffracted.

Gimbal beacons are enclosed in a hard plastic shell with a status button and indicator light. Inside, the beacon has an ON/OFF switch to save battery life when not in use for long periods.

Each beacon is programmed with a unique identifier that can be assigned (and reassigned) to a 5-Star Students event, to be used during a specific date and time range.