About Us

What is 5-Star Students

Based in the Temecula Valley area of southern California, our mission is to provide an effective, self-service tool to help educators and administrators drive student involvement in school activities and events.

It was developed by educators with over 30 years of combined teaching and administration experience. Along with this knowledge and the power of internet and barcode scanning technologies, we can offer a unique and affordable program to make your school a better place.

Public research and personal experience has shown us there's a strong correlation between involvement in school activities and student achievement. The 5-Star Students program is designed to be a simple, yet powerful tool to keep track of student participation and recognize involvement on campus. We realize individual schools may have different motivations for understanding and encouraging student participation and attendance. To that end, the program supports a variety of options to meet these needs.



  • Attempts to get more students involved in school activities
  • Target specific non-involved groups of students
  • Show a correlation between involvement and student grades
  • Show a correlation between non-involvement and student discipline
  • Increase school and activity attendance
  • Increase and regulate club activities
  • Increase revenue from paid student events
  • Increase school spirit


  • Individual student involvement in activities
  • Which students are involved in clubs?
  • Which students are involved in sports
  • Which students aren't involved at all?
  • Student involvement by time period
  • Student involvement by grade level
  • Which students attend school events?
  • How well are certain school events attended?

Practical Uses

  • Use 5-Star Students for school accreditation
  • Use 5-Star Students to increase student inclusion
  • Use 5-Star Students to increase gate revenues
  • Establish and maintain an Activities Letter program
  • Reward students for attending more school events
  • Record student arrival and departure times at events
  • Record parent or guest attendance at events