We want to recognize schools utilizing all aspects of the 5-Star Students program to increase involvement on their campuses. By striving to meet the diamond school criteria, a school will become more organized and aware of student participation throughout the year. Becoming a 5-Star Students Diamond School is an accomplishment that deserves recognition and will take your school to next the level of spirit and involvement in activities!


  • Administer the Interests Survey

  • Use a point system for activities or events

  • Offer incentives or rewards for involvement

  • Track at least 4 different types of activities

  • Administer at least 1 voting poll

  • Administer at least 1 feedback survey for an event or activity

  • Establish school web page to promote your involvement program

  • Establish points leaderboard for individuals to access their point totals

  • Track an average of 3 school events per month

  • Track participation in at least 80% of school activities


  • Complete all Diamond School criteria

  • Submit request for Diamond School consideration

  • Submit to yearly check on progress


  • Featured on 5-Star Students website and newsletters

  • Receive Diamond School recognition window cling

  • Receive Diamond School award plaque