Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP)

The new California LCAP divides 8 state priorities into 3 categories or "buckets"


  • Student engagement
  • Parent involvement
  • School climate

Student Outcomes

  • Student achievement
  • Other student outcomes

Conditions of Learning

  • Basic - correct teacher assignments and student access to instructional materials
  • Implementation of state standards
  • Course access

Fill up your buckets using 5-Star Students!

Get the data to prove student engagement

Do you know the percentage of your students that are engaged? With 5-Star Students, you have the ability to keep track of participation in activities and attendance at school-sponsored events. This provides invaluable data about who's involved and how much, and who's not. You can set goals and objectives for improvement and be able to quickly measure success.

Make your activities program revelant to your school district

Your activities program should align with district objectives and measures in the LCAP, many of which are directly related to student connections. The 5-Star Students program can assist you with providing clear metrics and results of your efforts, in order to have data driven conversations with district personnel.

Drive more community involvement

Your activities program should be for more than just students. Get parents and the community more involved using 5-Star Students unique recognition point system. You can keep track of participation, just like students!

Increase the probability of student success and improve your school climate

Research supports what most educators already know. Partipation in student activities programs lowers dropout rates, improves daily attendance, and reduces discipline issues. Each of these areas can be positively impacted by taking a data driven approach to your activities program. By identifying students that are not involved, you can develop specific strategies to engage them.