5-Star has been great! We started using it at homecoming and the students received spirit points on our dress up days. The scanners were easy to use and the students quickly picked up on the need to carry their ID every day to earn their spirit points. We all had fun, too!

Patrick Buchenot Lake Park High School - Roselle, Illinois

Having this system has made so many things we do much easier. I’m looking forward to finding more ways to use it!

Naomi B Whitney High School - Rocklin, CA

5-Star Students has been the hinge-pin to our school's Positive Behavior Support system. This program has allowed us to go beyond tracking student's attendance at events and their participation in school activities. We have evolved its application to motivate students to also excel academically and be a student first. Without the ease-of-use that 5-Star Students provides, the management of our systems within our building would not be possible due to the time constraints we would be under.

Toby Karr Assistant Principal/Advisor, Weld Central High School - Keenesburg, Colorado

School connectedness is vital in the school community. The research is very clear; when students are involved in their school they care about their learning. When young people feel connected to their school they are less likely to engage in high risk behaviors that are detrimental not only to their academic success, but to their well being. As Principal, it is my chief responsibility to ensure we as a staff do all we can to connect kids to our campus. 5-Star not only provides a mechanism to reward students for participation, it gives the adults on campus a data driven strategy to target those who are not involved, so we can actively solicit new involvement.

Darren Daniel Assistant Superintendent, Murrieta Valley Unified School District - Murrieta, California

5-Star made our voting process so much easier, efficient, and transcended how we do our elections. We had over a 200% voter participation turnout, and expect over 90% of our student body to be involved in our election process next year! Using 5-Star Students is one of the best things any school can do to improve not only their election voter turnout, but the entire election process!!! It just makes sense.

Steve Rausa Assistant Principal, Vista Murrieta High School - Murrieta, California